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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip Live on Kickstarter Now!

Email update #70 shows the Legacy Edition box next to the DFRPG box to help give you an idea of its size. Back when they announced the box size, I did my own comparison for visualization purposes on stuff I had in my basement, which might amuse grognards.

TFT wound up with a box that's 10.5" x 13.5" x 5". And they mentioned it weighs 11 pounds.

My copy of Avalon Hill's monster game for D-Day "The Longest Day" (battalion scale, 2 km hexes), is 11.5x14.5, but only 3 inches deep. And even with an inch and a half thick stack of 1970s style hard-mounted mapboards and thousands of counters, it only weighs 7.5 pounds. I had a mental image of an obscure game called "Blood Royale" as the widest/deepest box I had, but it's only 3.5". SPI's "War in the Pacific" comes in at 4.25", while the Milton Bradley boxes like "Axis and Allies" are only 4" tall.

Steve wins this round.
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