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I fairly certain there isn't. Having Wealth does not earn you money. Having a Job earns you money. Yes, Jobs have a wealth level, and in most cases you probably have a Job with the same wealth level as yours. However having a Job doesn't cost points, you have no guarantee of having a Job or for there even being Jobs available. Earning money is what you do in game, not something you have on your character sheet.
Basically...not so much. Wealth in particular is largely oriented around supporting characters who have a largely off-screen day job and personal economic foundation.

Within which framework, it works quite well. Your character sinks a bunch of their between-session downtime into keeping their job, and their wealth level is quietly normalized at the level of both their Wealth and their Job when you're not watching. If you want to munchkin your time use sheets by being unemployed, you're going to have to have to explain where you're getting your cost of living from, but otherwise everything's simple.

On the other hand, if on-screen time dominates your character's life (and particularly their personal economics), Wealth doesn't make much sense. The implicit connections and so forth don't have any time to implicitly be maintained and used in. If you're doing a job, you'll be rolling dice for it, not having it stuck in your background story, and Wealth very seldom makes any direct contribution to rolls. It may make more sense to strike Wealth entirely in such games.

Yes, I'm saying that I would not use Wealth in a free trader campaign.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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