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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#46): Eidetic Memory, Photographic Memory

In 3E I tended to play caster types and almost every character had it at full. Cost a bit, but the long term value outweighed that to me.

4E not so much, but when I had it I used it a lot. Any town we were in I memorized the map, anyone we met I memorized their faces (surprisingly useful), if I had an internet connection I would check Wikipedia at odd moments and skim articles.

Post mission analysis was a piece of cake if you had it.

Easy synergy with Serendipity: "I read a book about this once." you can then quote the entire book.

Also good for players with smartphones. If their character would legitimately know something they can look it up on Wikipedia as player so they don't miss some minor point.

One of my favorite advantages.
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