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Originally Posted by Bruno
Quotable, from the game last night (all said out of character...)
Conversely, this was in character:

Blake, an Ishtar in a Transhuman Space setting, is feeling restless and unable to focus on her current case on a Friday evening. Her AI suggests that she might consider actually going out physically instead of just logging on; when she's receptive, the AI reminds her of The Lighthouse, a women's bar she visited a few sessions ago. Blake walks over there, sits down, and orders a drink.

One of the other women there comes over, sits down next to Blake, and makes social overtures. Blake gives a weird mixed reaction, partly flirtatious and partly hostile (the player made both the Sex Appeal and Intimidation rolls). The other woman says, "You look like you want to hurt somebody." When Blake nods, she asks, "Would you like to come home with me?"

Blake says, "Why?" (pause for several seconds) "Oh!"

All the other players spontaneously applauded the perfectly timed delivery. And after having her AI check the local S&M reputation networks, Blake accepted the invitation and found her first venture into that sort of recreation a success: she gave a convincing performance of ferocity but inflicted no serious damage.
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