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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

This was actually just said here at work:

Ellen (To Cammy): "I've come to the conclusion that you and Ham are twins."
Cammy: "What? We looking nothing alike."
Ellen: "Camster and Hamster."
Me (ducking under desk)
Cammy: "Whatever, 'ET.'" (Ellen's last name begins with 'T' and she hates being called "ET")
Me: "You brought that on yourself."
Ellen: "Yeah, I'll go back to my desk and sit down."
Me: "I almost warned you, but if Cammy hadn't thought of it by then, she would have."
Ellen: "Oh, so you were doing that telepathy thing with her, then."
Me: "No, I have no telepathic powers. I'm telepathetic: I can be pathetic at a distance."
Cammy: "Yeah! And I don't have ESP, I have ESPN!"
Me: "It's like ESP, but a whole letter better!"
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