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Default Speed is Armor! question

From Exploits 58:

All of the Speed is Armor! tricks here employ a Move maneuver (or Change Posture for Acrobatic Stand). They also automatically turn the next immediate Dodge into an Acrobatic Dodge.

A question that's come up: When rolling a defense after any of these tricks, is Retreat still a valid option? My assumption: I don't see why not, as retreat is normally allowed with Move or Change Posture. And Acrobatic Dodge explicitly stacks with Retreat. (Actually, now that I write out the question, the answer seems obviously "yes". But let me know if I'm missing some restriction.)

Assuming the above is right: On a Dodge after one of the tricks, you can claim the normal +3 if you can Retreat, another +2 if the automatic Acrobatic Dodge goes well, all preceded by whatever benefits the trick yielded if successful (like a penalty on a foe's TH). Powerful stuff!

(Tangential note: I like how the whole Noncombat Skills in Battle section calls on abilities that any character (or even monster!) can have, not special "feats" or class traits. Stuff like this keeps me playing GURPS/DFRPG.)
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