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Default Limiting Enchantments and Enchatments

Ok, I have somehow gotten myself confused.

Im making an item for the Big Bad Evil Guy. And I start looking at the section for limiting enchantments.

Namely im making some sort of Minion Ring. LOTR style wraith ring or something. I dont know for sure, i was mostly looking for inspiration.

Now most of them i understand. for example HEX. I see why that is an energy intensive thing to cast. same with something like wraith or 'Insert nasty Curse here'. But i dont understand password. or named limitation.

Reading from the book, "Since these spells merely limit the way other spells work, they never add an energy cost for the user."

My question, If they dont add a cost to the user, why do they have a cost to cast? Especially a cost that is UP there.

I think possibly maybe that clause was the cost the user of the magic item pays to use said item. but honestly i don't know.

I would feel something that limits the usefulness of something should reduce the cost of something. Much the way "Bane" reduces the energy cost of Enchantment.

But honestly im very confused.

Anybody know whats going on?
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