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The Battle Of A Thousand Suns created this smouldering radioactive hellhole. The most brutally contested place in the world, "Purgatory" as the squadies like to call it, is in the middle of a nuclear wasteland battered beyond any rational recognition by a saturation of Cruise Missile attacks. Only Infantry and Mobile Howitzers using roads made of "QuickSetBPC" by Engineers can operate here along the immense man-made line of demarcation winding it's way through the devastated geography like some monstrous burning scar. Offensives into the jaws of the enemy usually yield only small temporary gains which are lost again when the favor is returned. So it goes on like some crazy Deja Vu to the point you can't tell the difference anymore between each new offensive and downtime. You keep telling yourself you'll meet rotation requirements soon. After a while your resolve and courage begin to play tricks on you, and on each other. I'm going into the breach again with a new platoon this time. I'm all that's left from the last deployment. Hope all is well back home. Will be in touch again soon.


COMBINE and PANEUROPEAN GEVs clash in a fast and furious battle on the high seas to control the shipping lanes!


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