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Default Does Lifting ST Allow Me to Wield Heavier Weapons While Doing ST Damage?

It's short.

Let's say I'm pretty weak overall. I have ST 8. But I have Lifting ST +5. ST 8 wouldn't be enough for a broadsword, but ST 8+5 would! So, can I lift and wield a broadsword as if I had ST 8+5 while only doing ST 8 damage?

I think someone once said in a magical faraway land that Striking ST was the proper way to do this (so I would just do Arm ST for my purposes), but that would mean that I would be striking with ST 8+5.

Birdpeople wing-arms are strong because they have to generate enough lift to get a 5' person off of the ground. But I would figure that flying strength doesn't convert into strength when stabbing people. Maybe I'm wrong about that.

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