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Default Re: [Combat]: Do you bow, bro?

Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
Here's my 2010 thread, which is about exactly the same thing:
Even more of the useful! Thank you!!

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
One problem is that you're going from DF-level cinematics to a more realistic setting. You'll want to be explicit that your campaign is more realistic than what they're used to, and also more lethal - they'll be more likely to appreciate the ability to engage a foe at range, even with the delays between attacks, once they understand how quickly things can go pear-shaped in melee. Running some example combats before the campaign starts will be extremely useful for you.
I've tried that, but my own learning curve is impeding it somewhat. They are, thankfully, understanding that I'm horribly rusty with GURPS (my 3ed experience was with Supers, to boot, so much more cinematic and high tech) and that I'm catching up on the nuances as well.
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