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Ok! thanks for all the advice! I've heard of RPG systems that do the two fisted tales setting quite well. But I don't plan on doing only two fisted tales in the future. My inability to focus on a genre for more than one campaign means that I don't really want to invest in a "game in a can" as its been called.
In that case using GURPS becomes a much better choice. There are a lot of genres for which GURPS isn't the best choice; but for many of those it's quite a reliable second choice, not much worse than the single best choice and more adaptable to other genres.

Since 1992, I've run 35 campaigns of lengths from six months to several years (I started my longest-running one in 2014). Of those, 15 have been in GURPS, in varied genres: classic science fiction, modern fantasy, postapocalyptic, weird, contemporary science fiction (mixed with mystery and with cosmic horror), swashbuckling, mythic fantasy, supers, caper, alternate history, historical fantasy, and steampunk/planetary romance. I've found it quite adaptable.

I've downloaded GURPS lite and I'm going to screw around with character creation there and see if it feels right. . . It's kind of overwhelming how much support GURPS has, but conceptually at least it seems like the right system for me.
I think that's a sound plan. If you have a specific campaign idea in mind, you can always describe it here and get suggestions for supplements that could be useful—and help in narrowing down to the ones that will actually benefit your particular campaign.
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