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Ok! thanks for all the advice! I've heard of RPG systems that do the two fisted tales setting quite well. But I don't plan on doing only two fisted tales in the future. My inability to focus on a genre for more than one campaign means that I don't really want to invest in a "game in a can" as its been called. I've downloaded GURPS lite and I'm going to screw around with character creation there and see if it feels right. From what I've seen of the rules so far they seem to be broadly similar to a superhero RPG called Icons I played once or twice. It's kind of overwhelming how much support GURPS has, but conceptually at least it seems like the right system for me.

Thanks again for all the advice! I've never seen a forum so eager to help newbies!
If that's your goal, you're definitely making the right choice, then.
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