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Default Re: [Pyramid #3/37] The Sith & Wesson Family of Blasters

Why is the light repeating blaster tagged as "designed to use superscience power cells?"
Originally Posted by Humabout View Post
Increase the RoF on the light cannon to 66! - 100! And you have a radiation-spewing version of a M61 Vulcan. Not sure what good that low of RoF will be good for, though. Specialized payloads fired from missile launchers can perform easily as well and home in on their targets. Otherwise cool stuff. I like it.
The design system doesn't permit RoF greater than 20. If you want to design an RoF 100 weapon, you either have to add in higher RoF generator options, or design it as a cluster of five or more guns.

A hefty single-shot cannon is, in a general sense, not an unreasonable device. They're somewhat common today, though usually vehicle mounted, and used to be common on gun carriage mountings too. Being a blaster does pose a problem in that it can't deliver effective area fire against infantry. But the light cannon could be reasonably used as an anti-armor cannon for light vehicles. If you added an option to run it off power cells, it could also be used by power armor or off a gun carriage by infantry, if either of those things seems setting appropriate.

It's unlikely that it will do the job better than a battery of tactical missile launchers. However, it is easier on the logistics and may be more appropriate in some space opera settings than an ATGM-based tank destroyer. (Though the fact that the gun costs $4 million, that also seems a bit of a problem. Actually, it looks like a miscalculation. 1000*$2000*1 = $2 million, not $4 million.)
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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