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Default Re: GURPS Navigation (Land) and Terrain

I think part of the difficulty of navigating in forested and rough terrain is the slow movement possible. If you say that a group need to make repeated navigation rolls, say for each 4 hour travel, the slower movement of jungle and mountain forces you to make more "rolls per mile", that in itself is a penalty and increases the chances of deviation and delays.

So, geographical landmarks may add bonuses, speed is a handicap in itself, visibility modifiers (foliage and mist for example) may be a penalty if using the stars, having a compass will eliminate visibility penalties (but maybe not grant bonuses), following a trail may add bonuses and may require vision or tracking rolls if there is low visibility.

If the idea is to make the navigation interesting I believe the best approach is to make it varied and variable, it will depend on the circumstances and allow for some roleplaying and creative ideas (like marking old buildings ruin with a big red cloth so you have a ready made landmark in a post apocalyptic wasteland you are traversing).
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