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Default Re: Alternatives to GURPS? Other tabletop RPGs to try?

I just want to pop back into my own thread and thank you all again for the awesome discussion. I went a few weeks without reliable internet, which made playing tabletop RPGs even harder, and it helped me further detach from my stuck mindset (as opposed to me ripping myself away from it).

This weekend, I'll be playing Everyone Is John for some drinking fun.

However, my sights are set on my copy of Mörk Borg. If you like dark fantasy and don't mind an artsy-fartsy rule book, it looks like a really simple and fun game to run. I know my group is already excited.

I feel like there should be a term (if there isn't already one) for tabletop RPGs that can be easily picked up and put down—like a board game. Mörk Borg seems to fit that description, and it could go to other games like Fiasco, Everyone Is John, etc. Games like GURPS, D&D, etc. feel like they ask for deeper investment and are set up for longer campaigns.
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