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Default Re: GURPS Navigation (Land) and Terrain

Originally Posted by M036462 View Post
Arctic -2
Desert -1
Hills -2
Island/Beach -2
Jungle -5
Mountain -4
Plains 0
Swampland -4
Woodlands -3
Dense Woodlands -4
In terrain with good topography- e.g. hills or mountains- navigation by terrain association is way easier than on terrain that lacks topography- e.g. plains.

So I might invert these. Sort of. You'd have to fit penalties for jungle and woodland in there, since you can't really see the surrounding topography well. They would probably just add a bit of penalty to the underlying topography, so that a jungle on a flat plain would be the worst.

Of course, this assumes that you are using a topographical map. (My (rather extensive) experience is in modern-day orienteering.) But if you are doing celestial navigation, well, then all that matters is how well you can see the sky, so plains might be the easiest.

But most modern land navigation uses a compass, map, and terrain association, and navigating a featureless plain with no landmarks is sort of the very definition of difficult, there. This is why the nascent GPS systems were so incredibly important during Desert Storm. (More experience speaking, there.)

So I disagree with Bill. Quite intensely, actually.
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