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Default Re: Alternatives to GURPS? Other tabletop RPGs to try?

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Pathfinder 1e did push the borders of fantasy
How so? I like Pathfinder, but there's a reason it was known as "D&D 3.75". Not exactly groundbreaking, but some nice adjustments to D&D 3.0, along with their own setting. (Which also is nice enough, but again hardly "groundbreaking" when it comes to fantasy settings.)

PF 2e has what may be the first non-broken multiclass rules in the D&D family. It's not true multiclassing (that is, slap together any collection of bits you like to make arbitrary characters, even if quantized and grouped into levels -- that's what GURPS is good at). It's more a way to add flavor to a base class, bending it a bit in one direction or another to suit a concept. So that would be a innovative feat (no pun intended). Too bad they completely broke wizards and likely most other non-cleric spellcasters.
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