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Default Re: Stretching Stunts [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
You are ignoring that fact that Talent is treated differently for Stretching than with other abilities. Since it gives you the same bonus to roll as Talent and since Stretching transforms to bonus to roll from Talent into bonus to stretch speed, it logically follows that the bonus from Reliable is treated the same as the bonus from Talent.
Obviously, I don't see the logic there and I do see how it disagrees with the wording. Furthermore, allowing Talent to add to activation is a highly optional rule. It's not even a normal part of the Talent rules.

GM should try to make Talent useful
with these, at least occasionally – most
often by giving a bonus to an associat-
ed skill. If the ability would never
require a roll, it’s acceptable to break
the rules and apply another kind of
It would be just as reasonable for the GM to say that because you're so stretchy Talent instead a) "adds to to skill roles for Escape, Climbing, and Lockpicking" or b) resists physical transformations rather than allowing you to activate any more levels per turn.

Allowing Stretching to activate faster is an example, that may optionally be allowed by a generous GM for Talent. It's not a rule and certainly not anything that should extend to an Enhancement that was never intended to function in this way.
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