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Default Alternative attributes, Supers and other stuff

So I was thinking how attributes could be used in a 400+ or even 1600+ supers campaign. I am mostly talking about strength, how would you price strength?
I would guess 5 points is the minimum since there are ways to make it dealing damage more effective like power blow and claws and stuff and at this point it becomes better than innate attack. No?
Would you allow super strength and damage reduction? Since we have cheaper striking/lifting strength and hp I could see these getting out of hand.

What's your opinion about other suggestions like more expensive fatigue and basic speed, cheaper independent move and stun points especially when combined with the rules in GURPS supers.

In general what do you think should be good limits to power talents and godlike extra effort?
Also there is a suggestion in Basic that super heroic types are expected to improve quickly, though this actually isn't the case for most comics, there is a short of genre where "Supers" keep increasing in power in a way where 2-3 cp per session may seem too few. What would be a good "improve quickly" scheme for awarding cp's? There was a short of suggestion from psionic campaigns I think, but maybe sth else?
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