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Default Using Supervillains [Supers]

I was just curious what type supervillains do you enjoy using in your games as a GM? I tend to prefer using supervillains that mess with people through social manipulation rather than through brute force, though they may use dupes or minions who specialize in brute force. Of course, there are abilities that facilitate social manipulation (Mind Control for conditioning, Mind Reading for discovering secrets, etc.), so they will tend to lean towards such abilities as well.

For example, a supervillain with Mind Control (Conditioning Only, -50%; No Signature, +20%; Reliable, +10, +50%; Super, -10%) [55] could implant false memories in their victims that have them remember that the superheroes victimized them in some way. While the superheroes are dealing with the scandal, the supervillain could use her abilities to manipulate the state government into creating a confidential superhero licensing office and into making unlicensed vigilantism a felony crime. With access to the information from that database, the supervillain will be able to sell the secret identities of superheroes to other supervillains, allowing her to gain more influence and power, as well as to distract the superheroes from her master plan of becoming President of the USA.

In a related question, have you ever played in or run a Necessary Evil style campaign using GURPS? If so, what type of supervillains did you play? Did you enjoy it or did you find it too disturbing?
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