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Default Re: Fixing round length in GURPS

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
Speaking of D&D: "These hit points represent how much damage (actual or potential) the character can withstand before being killed. A certain amount of these hit points represent the actual physical punishment which can be sustained. The remainder, a significant portion of hit points at higher levels, stands for skill, luck, and/or magical factors." Elsewhere it is flat out stated "As has been detailed, hit points are not actually o measure of physical damage, by and large, as far as characters (and some other creatures as well) are concerned."
As someone who started with D&D, the idea that "hit points directly correlate with actual injury soaked" and "everyone just stands around for 6 seconds, and makes one attack", were never actually RAW or RAI.

You duel for six seconds, and make one *effective* attack. Or you're attacking at range, meaning you aim for 2-5 seconds (depending on whether you take a Move action or whatever), and make one attack.

Anyway, back to GURPS. :)

Also, just to be clear, I'm agreeing with you. :)
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