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I'd be tempted to disregard the TL, price, and weight from LT76 (it contradicts the more in-depth text on LT99, and is clearly copy-pasta'd from BS), instead using the TL, price, and weight from LT99. Note the price and weight from the table match up decently well with the Light Cloak from LT99, if you assume Status right between -1 and -2 (a Status -1 Light Cloak costs $30, a Status -2 Light Cloak costs $10). If using Damage to Shields, I'd probably treat the cloak as though it were Layered Cloth covering the Forearm (only) of equal weight (the DR 1 vs cut of the Heavy Cloak is for when you're wearing it normally). A single Forearm is 1/8th the weight of Torso armor, so multiply weight by 8. For the Light Cloak, that's 16 lb, right between the 12 lb of DR 2 and 20 lb of DR 3; call it DR 2 (or maybe DR 3/2, first number against cut only). For that Heavy Cloak, that's 24 lb, right between the 20 lb of DR 3 and 28 lb of DR 4; call it DR 3 (or maybe DR 4/3, first number against cut only).
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