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Default Scuttle [Martial Art]


This martial art is most suitable for those game worlds where every group has their own fighting style. Pirates in particular would be almost forced to develop something that could counter the inscrutable ways of the ninja; after all, the alternative would be to die in a hail of throwing stars. Thatís hardly profitable!

The primary weapons of Scuttle are a cutlass in the dominant hand, and a knife in the other. Nets are also used, typically against ninja: the style encourages both dodges and trickery. Also note that a pirate with a hook hand who had been trained in Scuttle can and will use both Aggressive Parry and Hook fairly safely. These particular techniques are even taught to pirates who still have two hands, on the principle that it saves time later.

Scuttle adepts reputedly move like the typhoon and hit as hard, but their most legendary ability is their skill at cutting through the machinations and mesmerizations of the ninja. Increased Perception and Danger Sense are absolutely appropriate for those using the cinematic version of this style.

Skills: Acrobatics, Brawling, Climbing, Knife, Main Gauche, Net, Shortsword, Thrown Weapon (Knife)

Maneuvers: Acrobatic Stand, Aggressive Parry (Brawling), Disarming (Shortsword), Evade (Acrobatics), Feint (Shortsword), Hook (Brawling), Spinning Attack (Shortsword)

Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength, Sensitivity

Cinematic Maneuvers: Dual-Weapon Attack (Shortsword), Dual-Weapon Attack (Main Gauche), Grand Disarm (Shortsword), Roll With Blow (Acrobatics), Whirlwind Attack (Shortsword)

Perks: Can use Hook with Brawling; Off-Hand Weapon Training (Main Gauche)

PDF can be found here:
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