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Originally Posted by Gwythaint View Post
3e supplements (VtM for example) had some converted advantages that represented property not accounted for in cost of living, like Occult Library, and Mansion. A long gone site, had an "Advanced Goblins & Grottoes" setting with a variable cost Sanctuary advantage, that had enhancement based on size, secrecy, and impenetrability, which reflected things like Supervillain or bond villain lairs, or the Batcave.
The only thing I see in 4e is the Base perk, which at status zero gives you something values like a park bench or a corner booth in a dive bar or maybe the basement of an abandoned building.
In my Northport game, I have a bunch of low point adventurers taking over a row of run-down tenaments they are trying to upgrade. I think the perk should be leveled, to reflect upgrades to the properties, which they became involved with because of the dungeon entrance in the basement.
The Base perk is not intended to be a way for characters to hold regular property. It may or may not include proper legal ownership and has an element of secrecy that complicates any commercial or regular residential use.

I have seen projected values for the cost of a fully stocked tavern in DF ($100k!!!) (This was presented in DF Denizens: Swashbucklers), but I liked the 20 point cost for a castle or mansion (both of which had tremendous CoL, and an appearance based on wealth- rickety and run down vs sumptious and formidable)
Any ideas?
Why not role-play it? Have them own it like people do in real life.

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