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Default Re: [GAME] Conceive a Cross Dimensional Fantasy Milieu

Originally Posted by patchwork View Post
Question 25 While most of Fragment consists of chunks of bone the size of large islands ill-suited to any sort of development or habitation, the collarbone and pelvis have enough surface area to accumulate some topsoil and biome. How are these two masses different from Calledron? Are they understood well or mysterious?
Answer 25a

The main "collar bone" region of Suchos is known as Telinar. Telinar is a thick jungle inhabited by a peculiar folk skilled with illusions, learned in the cultivation of yam, and dedicated to the taming of birds. Contact with Telinar is difficult and expensive, but by no means extraordinary: Calledron Mages are able to levitate, and that is far from the only capability accessible to a civilization trading across the polycosm. Some means of flight is required: Telinar lack reliable portal access.

The more intricate portions of the torso are inhabited by a host of small aggressive tribes and bands with access to flight in one form or another.

Question 15b, about the pelvis, remains.

Question 44 [FRG] :
How common are mages in the imperial population?

Question 45 [ALC] :
How could an alchemist get to a location requiring flight?
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