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Default Re: [Game] Generate a Space Trader Setting

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Are there significant multi-species communities? If so how common are they?
Absolutely. Though there are no fixed boundaries in the traditional sense, the vast majority of galactic inhabitants are NOT traders and tend to cluster into sets of adjascent worlds. This natural outgrowth of expansion leads to most worlds having a dominant species. Notable counter examples are diplomatic communities (the analog of the UN), Bi-species trade communities near the 'border' of two regions dominated by different races, artistic and luxury destinations where cosmopolitan menbers of many species congregate and collaborative scientific outposts involving experts from diverse backgrounds.
Also know to exist are prominent monoculture examples, often considered backwaters, where a community is almost entirely of one species and any 'outsiders' are obviously distrusted.

Question: We know that there is a 'primo' hyper drive, but is what kinds of 'secret' navigational or rutter programs and databases exist to take advantage of improvements in distance and accuracy?
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