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Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
Why is an E5 running the ship? Shouldn't an O6 or the ship's mind be running the ship?
The O6 or the ship's mind determines what the ship will be doing and where it'll be going, but the normal day to day running of any ship, and the running of any department is actually done by a Petty Officer.
Commissioned officers are basically backroom managers, NCOs are hands on floor managers.

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
Why does the petty officer have to be out-ranked by warrant officers to do it?
If you want a professional expert, a doctor, engineer, researcher, aboard who isn't a line officer, having them be Warrants is a nice option.

Mind this is a matter of taste, and I'm not trying to push you to change your setting, just offering another point of view.

In the RCN series, as an example, Warrant Adele Mundy is an information expert, one of the best in her field and a scion of a leading family, but she's no line officer.
Granted the tech in the RCN series is truly weird and they have a ton of uneducated men to lead, but leading men and being a field expert are very different things.
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