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Originally Posted by Ze'Manel Cunha View Post
To me it makes sense for professional personnel who aren't normally in the chain of command to be Warrants, even if in today's Navies those people often get commissions for pay reasons alone.
It makes at least as much sense for restricted line officers to hold command within their specialities, but not to succeed to command of combat units.

Anyway: it isn't that I haven't thought about organising things the American way. I've thought about it and decided not to. The RN and RAN show me that things can actually work the way everyone does them except the Americans; that's good enough for me. I understand and accept that you like the arrangements that you are used to. Nevertheless, I will not adopt them for FLAT BLACK.

That way if the bridge crew gets toasted no one bats an eye when the Petty Officer takes command of the ship, while the medical officers continue to work in sick-bay, the engineers continue to work in engineering, and the pilots continue to control their charges.
And what is this petty officer doing while the bridge crew is not toasted? There is nothing to do on these TL10 spaceships that is less technically demanding than the tasks you want to make warrant-officer work.

I like that, "Leading Rate Munson to the loading dock, Able Rating Silva to engineering.", sounds better on the ear to me.
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