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Working on the sub canopy farming. I'm assuming no IR means no fire or thermal ovens.
Oh, I think the occasional hot spot is fine. The setting is post-apocalyptic, and that means even if we do go with alien aerial surveillance or HKs sent by rogue AIs, they won't have much in the way of infrastructure, either, except in the immediate vicinity of their bases.

So, while campfires or grills pose some risk, it's pretty limited. They'd need pretty spectacular satellite coverage for small fires to pose real and immediate risks, every single time. Pretty spectacular satellite coverage implies a sophisticated aerospace infrastructure, and post-apocalyptic settings don't have that.

Basically, the larger and hotter the heat-source, the more interest it would draw, especially if it it lit up sensors for a long time. Under those conditions, I don't think a cook-fire would draw too much attention, although a pottery kiln might. If the area is as rugged as Appalachia (which isn't terrible), even that might be okay, a lot of the time.

The main thing, unlike the other setting, is that the people couldn't form a dun, or any other sort of fortified central village -- which is the ideal situation for most post-apocalyptic settlements. My basic assumption, here, is that a defensible central village, surrounded by open fields, would get attacked.

That means a model of human settlement that has worked, well, for nearly every culture throughout human history cannot work, here.
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