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ADQ 9/3 has an article discussing ideas for arena events on Halloween.

If you want some supernatural elements in a game, "Full Moon Over Midville" in ADQ 7/4 is recommended. The article "Vampire Cars" in ADQ 9/3 is another supernatural option.

I have wanted to create rules for ultraviolet laser effects on vampires and vampire cars for many years.

A solo event could be one car with limited ammunition against lower-Division cars that are lightly armored and lightly armed that represent zombies. A zombie car enters the arena every few seconds to eventually overwhelm the combatant like actual zombie hordes.

An arena battle in the Morgoth Memorial Arena in Car Wars Arena Book, 1988 Edition, combined with the article "Dodges and Dragons" in ADQ 6/1, the Magic in Car Wars information in several issues of The Space Gamer, Volume 1, and the article "Magic in Car Wars" in ADQ 6/2 could be an event that has a strong Halloween theme.

An idea I have had for over 10 years is evil in the sense of a very tough Car Wars game. I would create a pentagram arena using the version of the five-pointed star with the outer circle. Each of the inner five intersections would have a pressure plate numbered 1 through 5. Each of the outer five intersections would have a pressure plate numbered 6 through 10. I recommend making the infield areas gravel, mud, or hot plastic (simulated lava from the Mons Olympus Arena published in ADQ) instead of having walls that follow the edges of the roadways.

Scenario 1: Each duelist is given a set of cards numbered 1 through 5. Each duelist shuffles the cards face-down, and draws a set of five. The order the cards are drawn are the order the same-numbered pressure plates must be crossed by the duelist's car. The first car to cross all five of the pressure plates in the specified order is the winner of the event.

Scenario 2: The same as above except the cards are numbered 6 through 10.

Scenario 3: The same as Scenario 1, except the cards are numbered 1 through 10.

Scenario 4: The same as Scenario 1, except the cards are numbered 1 through 10, and all 10 cards are drawn. This scenario is truly evil because the number of likely collisions that will occur will be high.

Option 1: Ban dropped weapons.

Option 2: Permit dropped weapons but prohibit dropped weapons being placed on automatic, with only single-shot mode being permitted.

Option 3: Permit dropped weapons in single-shot and automatic modes.

Option 4: If the event does not finish before a specified time or number of game-turns, a demon is released, controlled by the arena management. The demon is a higher-Division car, preferably armed with incendiary weaponry. The demon acts like The Dreadnought in the movie Death Race 1, attacking any duelist within a specified range.

Option 5: Each player keeps the order of pressure points needed to cross a secret.

The Elemental Fury Arena from CWIN 1.06 would be a fun venue for a Car Wars game on Halloween.

CWIN Vol. 1, No. 6
Arena Watch
Elemental Fury Arena
Port Angeles, Washington State
Written by Michael Drennon
Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
Twitter: Car Combat Central

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