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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

Originally Posted by Exeter View Post
What's wrong with just filing the serial numbers off the religions by renaming them? I mean, if there's a Pastafarian crusade against the Frisbeetarians of the south happening in your game, I don't think anybody could jump to the conclusion that they represent real world religions in any way, shape, or form. Similarly, you can change the names of the gods and people without compromising the setting.
What if there were real fantasy gods on Yrth long ago (before the Banestorm), and they've come back.
Or perhaps gods from other worlds have found there way to Yrth (perhaps following other non-Yrth native races caught in the Banestorm?
The elder Yrth races might dimly remember their former Gods, small groups might have kept up the old ways, perhaps even some of the newer races might have picked up on these old ways.
Now you have real gods, who can grant powers and miracles!
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