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Default Disguising a weapon as a toy

What skill could be use to paint a weapon to look like a toy (from a bright girly toy weapon to the legally mandatory orange tipped barrel end of legitimate airsoft guns, that's the easy part ad probably doesn't require a skill roll) and then pretend it's just a toy (acting like it's just a toy is probably the hardest part)?

What skills could be used to spot such a disguised weapon from a distance, aside from the obvious like Observation? Soldier or IQ based guns to notice it's weight is more in line with a real gun than a replica? Body Language to realize the person carrying it is inconvenienced as if it was heavier than a regular toy? Of course anyone holding it for even a second would notice it's not a toy, and metal detectors (unless you're using an Ultra-Tech plastic/polymer gun or something) would be set off by it.

Speaking of, any Ultra-Tech society that has the means of making non-metallic weapons probably have some assassination guns and bullets designed to look like toys and not set off metal detectors. How much extra would such a professional weapon cost? Would it impact the stats negatively?
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