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Default Re: Night Vision offsets darkness penalties in combat but extra Perception don't

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Night Vision is meant to be the innate equivalent of night-vision goggles, an accessory designed expressly for combat. It works in real time.

High Perception is more like signal analysis. Strictly speaking, a Perception roll takes a Concentrate maneuver (the "processing time"), and you'd have to roll every turn. A one-second lag isn't optimal when interacting with an opponent in real time.

Both are useful counters against darkness when time isn't of the essence. If a character takes a turn to make a Vision roll, Per 11 is as good as Per 10 and NV 1 if there's even -1 in darkness penalties. But Night Vision works when time is of the essence, which is why it also offsets combat penalties for darkness.
Which of those is the case for Acute Vision? Unlike Perception, that is a Physical Advantage.

Also does this mean that you should roll against 10-penalties/+bonuses (regardless of what Perception you have) when you make a sense roll to see if you noticed anything without taking a Concentrate maneuver?
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