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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#38): Dark Vision, Night Vision

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Why would you expect the Talents volume to say anything at all about Night Vision?
I didn't expect PU3 to say anything about it at all. So, when I actually found a brief, brief mention of it there, I didn't want to ignore it completely but was I also uncertain of how best to word it. I've since reworded that section, so hopefully, it reads a little more clearly now. I've included the zero-point version of Night Vision from GURPS Fantasy... but since I haven't read that you'll have to tell me if I overstated things. As for the discussion connected with Powers: Enhanced Senses, are you suggesting a thread on this message board for me to hunt down, or that there is something about it in the actual supplement? Or both?

Originally Posted by scc View Post
Something that is not that obvious is that Dark Vision isn't actually vision, if someone uses something to blind you, your Dark Vision still works (Whether or not is works during the day is another question)
I know Powers stresses that Dark Vision has to be something pretty unrealistic (or at least Exotic) because the text states it doesn't use light, radar, or sonar to work; that it might be something of a sixth sense. I am uncomfortable going from "like" to "blatantly is" without more of a citation. At least... not in the opening post. ;)
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