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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#34): Destiny

I think you forgot that Monster Hunters includes a variation on Destiny, instead creating a pool of points that you or your enemies can use to buy success.

As a GM, I love Destiny. It's one of those plot hook Dis/Advantages that makes it easy to tie a PC into planned events. Unfortunately, I don't think any player of mine has ever taken it in any game that actually got off the ground.

The only time I can currently recall seeing Destiny being used, was on an NPC in a game I was a player in. He was a friend to us PCs and we unfortunately failed to prevent his bad destiny for occurring, being used as the host body for the Resurrection for the first real villain of the game (there was the implication that we could save them, but the game came to an unfortunately early end due to real life reasons). The GM was especially amused at how well the dice and events around the time that said NPC's Destiny happened just seemed to work to allow said Destiny to happen without having to GM fudge anything.
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