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Default [Thaumaturgy] Esoteric Catholicism?

Greenneck, there is an interesting church "over there"...

I am needing help regarding intergrating GURPS Magic and Thurmaturgy with 20th Century Catholicism. Minor problem being I was not raised a Catholic, none of my gaming friends are Catholics, and I am not sure that my neighbourhood priest would take kindly to being asked about his belief system as a potentially heretical form of entertainment for non Catholics.

I don't need suggestions that I go look at Wikipedia. I have been there and don that. What I am after is a "flavour suggestion", sort of a "Dominicans could do this, Jesuits could do that" type thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What I am after is vague templates of what advantages, skills and spells a group of Catholic Church associated NPC's could have under their belts.
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