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Default Re: Throwing Lots of Knives

You're missing the direction of the arrow. I'm really saying "Fast-Draw at 16+ is a prerequisite for this advantage" – I'm acknowledging that no serious user will actually need the halved penalties clause. However, as Gunslinger, Heroic Archer, Trained by a Master, and Weapon Master (and indeed Gadgeteer and lots of other cinematic advantages) do not have skill prerequisites, it's more consistent to leave that off. Which means that there has to be some kind of handling for low or no Fast-Draw skill.

My advantage definition aims to solve two problems:
  1. Reduce the penalties for lots of ranged attacks to the point where it's a viable option to throw lots of weapons.
  2. Halve the amount of dice-rolling by removing nuisance rolls that may well make lots of attacks impossible if failed.
It improves game flow to do it this way, which I deem critical for the sorts of games that feature cinematic ninja and the like. If you prefer, change:
Halve all Fast-Draw penalties to ready throwing weapons. If you still have the relevant Fast-Draw skill at effective level of 16+, you don't have to roll at all!
You automatically succeed at Fast-Draw rolls for throwing weapons.
And add:
Prerequisite: Fast-Draw (any thrown weapon) at 16+.
That could be 18+, 20+, or whatever if you prefer. But not rolling is simply better than rolling lots at complicated penalties.
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