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Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
That's true, but it also takes the "difference in point cost" and make it go from 90% to 100%. Which means, essentially, you pay full price for the abilities you only get to use in your AF. This isn't bad if you have 2+ AF's, but if you have only one AF there's not a lot of incentive to pay full price for abilities you can only use part of the time.
But you can use them all the time if you want by staying in the alternate form forever. If there are reasons you can't stay in an alternate form all the time, those reasons are disadvantages either on the form template or your character as a whole - i.e. the Social Stigma (no legal identity) on your trans template, or your embarrassing Secret ("is a magic girl") or Duty (go to school) which you can't do in your legally not you trans form and still get marked present on you normal one. You get your point savings from those.

But sure, costing Alternate Form is all kinds of broken, mostly because it has to be in order to get away with treating it as something separate you can "add" to a character sheet rather than something that has to be built in with different limitations for different features from the beginning.
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