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Default Re: Magic to RPM Complete Conversion Version 2

I was using the linked document as a spell resource but I was wondering why the shield spell requires 2 effects.

Shield Greater Strengthen Matter[3]; Lesser Create Energy[6]; Bonus Or Penalty: Single: +1 [1] (Defense Bonus); Duration: 10 minutes [1]; Cost: 33

I would think that a single Strengthen Chance or Control Energy effect would be sufficient.

Also, if an effect is scaled up to the point where it becomes greater (like adding +3DR to Leather armor, when the lesser effect caps at +2DR), does that change the spell definition for the sake of Grimoires/Ritual mastery?

The RPM book implies it does(Greater and Lesser are part of the spell definition), but it seems odd that changing a parameter that can be changed freely for each casting will make a spell sufficiently different that it counts as a different spell(Especially if you are using a value that would be a lesser effect on a different subject).

Is there some reason that relaxing this aspect of spell definitions would likely cause problems?
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