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Default Re: Now On Kickstarter!

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
I promise you have blocked some memories.
Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Maybe you have a higher tolerance for this but a 6 player arena fight took 2 days to complete for me and friends on a couple of occasions.
Thanks for the replies! I am beginning to recover memories of arenas battles never completed...
Originally Posted by Parody View Post
For the last ~20 years we've been playing CWC2+UACFH with 5-8 players most months and a maximum time limit of 6 hours.
Glad to hear you still having a good time with it! I don’t know that I will ever plan to play a six hour board game any time in the near future.
We also enjoy designing vehicles in the time between games.
Reflecting back, that might have my favorite aspect of the game.
When looking at Sixth Edition, though, set aside what you know about Car Wars except for the concept of “Cars with Guns”. This is a different game and should be evaluated as such.
I get that, and I think I like all the changes I have seen so far! (Except that it seems to me, because of how turns alternate — and that there is only one movement phase, a slower car can ram a faster car from behind?)
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