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Default Re: Funding semi-realistic monster hunters

Originally Posted by Luke Bunyip View Post
Sorry if you've moved on from this, but hey, here's 2c...

I've been thinking about ethical but *cough* legally dubious*cough* methods of making money. My favourite (courtesy of The Wire), is ripping off drug dealers. If these NPCs can take on monsters, they can take on a bunch of ne'er do wells.

As long as they don't run into any vampire drug dealers... (hey, it's a natural lifestyle fit).
But if they can get about as much, or even more, money from knocking over a vampire drug dealer, and they actually have the skills to knock over a vampire drug dealer- why go for a mundane drug dealer?

Or depending on their view of things ANYONE who preys on society is a monster and deserves both death and to have there accounts drained, as you mentioned the differences between a drug dealer and a vampire are minimal.
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