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Originally Posted by Jürgen Hubert View Post
Though I think we have more content in the index than listed here - I suspect that GURPS Magic: Death Magic and GURPS Magic: Plant Magic are already complete, but I haven't double-checked this.
They are. They're the reason I went ahead and added all of GURPS Magic: with all the references and repurposed spells in the Fungus College, it seemed silly not to.

My current plan is to finish the Pyramids I have (3 left, though that includes 68), then go through the rest of the DF series and the first two Action books. After that, I'll slog through the other stuff I have, working off the release threads of years past. I don't have the Action 3 and 4 or any Monster Hunters, so that would be good for someone else. Among other things.

And nobody is bothering with gear. If someone has too much time on his hands, he can do that. Start with Basic and the four Tech books to give it structure.
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