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Default Re: Wizard/thief class and orc race, and the tiny hands curse

Originally Posted by Boaz Reinders View Post
hey guys. I have a question about the wizard, thief and orc class and the tiny hands curse.

As for the wizard class questions:
If you are fighting for example the bullrog and the plutonium dragon and you
charm the bullrog, can you take the treasures first and then fight along?

And can you charm only in your own combat or can you charm while helping someone in combat aswell (and steal the treasures that way?)
The first part is answered here: you can only get the rewards from a fight after you win the combat. If you Run Away, you get nothing.

The second part can be answered here: You can Charm the monster in any combat you are in, as the main player or helper, but the main player gets the Treasure (and must share them as previously agreed.)

Thief class:
I know you can't ignore a curse when you are level 1 as an orc because the card is saying that but can you still try to steal items at level 1 as a thief? since the thief class card doesn't say you can't when you are at level one but you can't lose a level when you lose using the theft ability.
This post from Erik clarifies about that. Yes, you can steal Itens when you are a Level 1 Thief.

Orc race:
say that I get the card necrophobia and I must run away against undead monsters. and as second I get the orc card. So I play the orc card. At this point can I still ignore the curse and go down one level or is it to late since the curse already affected me?
No, the Orc card tells you to cancel the curse as soon as you are hit with it. After the Curse is already in effect, you can't remove it.

Tiny hands curse:
I do know carrying and using items are 2 different things. The tiny hands curse says: You cannot carry any 2 handed items. Does this means I only can't carry them but I can still use them or not?...
If you can't carry you can't use. Carry means "to have in play".
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