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Default Re: Marvel/DC World-Character Supers Building

A quick and dirty version of Nightcrawler, lacking point values.

Real Name: Kurt Wagner
From: Munich, Germany
Age: early 20s when he joined the X-Men, roughly 30 now in mainstream comics
Group Affiliation: X-Men, formerly Excalibur.

ST 11
DX 16
IQ 11
HT 14

Secondary Characteristics:
Dmg 1d-1/1d+1
BL 24 lbs.
HP 12
Will 12
Per 12
FP 14
Basic Speed 6.00
Basic Move 6
Dodge 12

English (Native)
German (Native) (Native Language)
Russian (Accented)

Ally (Amanda Sefton/Jimaine Szardos, Sorceress; equal in power) (12)
Appearance (Handsome)
Combat Reflexes
Enhanced Dodge 2 (factored in above)
Enhanced Parry 3 (Swords)
Extra Arm 1 (Tail; Extra-Flexible)
Invisibility (Accessibility: Must Be in Shadows; Partial; Reflexive; Switchable; Unconscious Only)
Sharp Teeth
Warp (Blink; Extra Carrying Capacity: Extra-Heavy (carry 240 lbs); No Strain; Nuissance Effect: BAMF!; Reliable +10; Range Limit: 3 miles east/west, 5 miles north/south, 1 mile up/down)
Weapon Master (Swords)

Fur (thin velvet)

Code of Honor (Hero's)
Dependent (Amanda Sefton/Jimaine Szardos; Loved One; equal in point value) (6)
Social Stigma (Freak/Demonic Appearance)
Wealth (Struggling)

Devout Catholic
Incorrigible Flirt
Loves Swashbuckler Movies

Acrobatics (H) DX+4 - 20
Broadsword (A) DX+2 - 18
Climbing (A) DX+0 - 16
Leadership (A) IQ+3 - 14
Karate (H) DX+0 - 16
Performance (Circus Trapeze Acts) (E) IQ+1 - 12*
Piloting (High-Performance Aircraft) (A) DX-1 - 15 (for the X-Jet/Blackbird)
Rapier (A) DX+2 - 18
Running (A) HT+0 - 14

Acrobatic Stand - 20
Triple Weapon Attack (Broadsword) - 18
Triple Weapon Attack (Rapier) - 18
Triple Weapon Defense (Broadsword) - 16
Triple Weapon Defense (Rapier) - 16

Holograhic Disguise/Image Inducer, courtesy of Professor X, built by Tony Stark, which grants him a technological version of Elastic Skin, letting him appear as anyone (he often chooses to appear as someone a lot like Errol Flynn when using it). (He basically stopped using it in public after Wolverine dared him to walk down the main street of Salem Center without it, and he got hit on by every woman he met.)

Will occasionally use up to three Edged Rapiers at once.

* Optional Specialty

In his "Year One" incarnation, I would be tempted to add "Enemy (Margali Szardos; Unknown (to him); Hunter)", as she blames him for the death of her son, Stefan.

Triple Weapon Attack and Triple Weapon Defense are the same as the Dual-Weapon Attack and Dual-Weapon Defense techniques listed in Martial Arts, only accounting for the fact he can wield three at once.

It's a little-known fact that Kurt was selected by Professor X to lead the X-Men in the field when Cyclops and Storm were both unavailable, and he was the acknowledged though unofficial leader of Excalibur during the team's first incarnation.
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