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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

A younger player has a brand new, uber-melee character with a skill he can't use/wouldn't have. The GM tells him to switch it for something that will help with operating the space ship:

Mandalorian: "Take Gunner-Beams."
Blade: "No. I have incompetence with ranged weapons."
Mandalorian: "Fine, take piloting. I'll man a turret."
Blade: "Okay, that I can do, because I do have [working] eyes."
Everyone looks at the blind Jedi who insists we should let him pilot the ship.

Earlier in the game, an ex-acquaintance that we had left at the Jedi Temple with only one leg, shows up as the pilot of one of the five starfighters that greeted us at Nar-Shadda. With both legs. And acting smug (we did take his ship). Then the stuff hits the fan at the temple, and he might have been to blame.

Mandalorian: "I take the ship as close to Coruscant's sun as it can survive, at full speed toward the sun. Then I drag the prisoner into the airlock and open the door."
Prisoner: "You're not going to do what I thin...."
Mandalorian: "Yup!" and boots the guy out the airlock. Then about faces the ship and hyperdrives away.

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