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Default Re: Stuff I'd like to see in Pyramid

Originally Posted by b-dog
How about some good villians like liches, vampires, and other nasties so that they can be used in campaigns along with some ideas for adventures.
Do you mean NPCs, or critters?

I could easily write critters, I have dozens statted for 4e for my games, but it might run across problems as they are heavily based on earlier 3e books and just converted and slightly changed. I don't know how kosher that is, so I haven't even attempted it.

I mean, would SJG really want me to sell my own version of Wraiths, slightly changed from Undead 3e, back to them? Probably not.

But still, I'd like to see more critters too. You're full of ideas, b-dog, you might take a crack at expanding one of your "idea" posts into a short article. Get the ball rolling. One-two good articles will give you DF supplement money for some time to come.
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