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Default Re: Mind Control and Body Control Spells vs Elder Things in DF

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
Tried to convince me that body control and mind control spells work vs undead and elementals.... because reasons.
In some (many/most?) cases they should. Undead still have bodies and minds (maybe not brains, but it ain't called 'brain control')... same with Elder Things.

At the end of the day "A Wizard did it" is still an excuse.

I had to explain central nervous systems versus eldritch energy animating bodies.
Which is cool and all... but with no advantage giving an immunity to those spells, the beast, well... has no advantage granting immunity to those spells.

Which is how GURPS works. Want immunity to something, take the advantage.

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
Most Body Control spells are going to be metabolic hazards...
Where does this idea come from?

Sure, I can see some spells being useless (like Hunger, Thirst, Nauseate) on Undead (some Undead)... but Elder Things still gotta eat (unless they have Doesn't Eat/Drink).

But really, if Immunity to Metabolic Hazards comes with Immunity to Body Control, I've a few Characters that are happier...
Feel free to steal, borrow, fold, spindle, mutilate any rule, advantage, etc I come up with it.
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