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Default Re: (Unofficial) FAQ of the GURPS Fora

Q: Why are Reaction Modifier advantages affecting almost everybody as cheap as 4-5 points per +1? They seem to be better than Talents when it comes to modifying Influence Skills (or so it seems).

A: No they aren't. Reaction Modifiers only add to Reaction Rolls and Influence Attempts; they do NOT add directly to Influence Skills. An Influence Attempt is specifically an attempt to roll an appropriate Skill to replace a Reaction Roll. Other uses of Influence Skills, such as predicting the outcome of a conversation (Diplomacy), distracting a mark with a deception (Fast-Talk), or deciding if an attire is appropriate for a person of high society (Savoire-Faire (High Society)), do not get such an automatic bonus (but the GM has the final say, as usual).

Q: Why don't you have a Social Combat system in Social Engineering (or elsewhere)? Is it really that hard? Or did nobody truly get this idea by now?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
[ . . . ] we didn't overlook "social combat," but consciously chose a different approach that fit better with the rest of the game. Other reviews have missed our intent . . . The fact is that we didn't want "social combat" because we didn't think it was good rules model. Our goal was to show the GM how to use the existing mechanics to shift the campaign focus onto social matters [ . . . ]
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Also, GURPS Discord is a nice place for (faster) Q&A and overall GURPS dicussion.

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