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Default Re: Star Trigger, Electromagnetic Pulse and water

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
The other thing to remember is that the Star Trigger is Magic; causing EMP effects at multiple parsecs requires near-supernova energy output, which would probably have completely destroyed Darrian and certainly would have sterilized it.
That is what I was wondering. Using the inverse square law, and turning the distance of 6 parsecs into AU's unit of measure, it would seem that the power of the EMP at 1 AU was roughly 1.53 Trillion times more powerful than it was at 6 parsecs.

I wondered if even the cities beneath the waves would survive the pulse - which is why I was wondering at the shielding properties of water against EMP.

For example, if you need say, 2 meters of water to have a decent chance of protecting against the EMP of a nuclear blast, one might wonder if any ocean depth would be proof against a blast that is 1.53 trillion times bigger than that produced by a single nuclear blast.

I was kind of hoping that was the case - that it would be capable.

Ah well. Thanks.

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