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Default Star Trigger, Electromagnetic Pulse and water

Hi All,
I'm currently researching for background material of a campaign I'm running set in Bowman star system (Source is Belt Strike). But what got me into researching material was that I wanted to try and figure out what Tech level the Sword World Navy was at, during the time of the Second Frontier war, and have the players stumble across a relic from that time period, including the ability to utilize some other technology from the Darrians.

I began to read the Alien Module #8: Darrians and came across a reference that 80% of the world's population perished during the heat pulse that struck Darrian after its man world suffered 20 pulses or Solar Flares in the span of 3 days. Per the diagram showing how far out this "wave" struck, it appears that the pulse was able to cause communication and computer issues out to 7 parsecs, destruction of large portions of electronics and gravitic modules out to 6 parsecs, and nearly total destruction of electronics and gravitic modules up to 2 parsecs away from the Darrian Home world.

So, my question would be this:

Would nuclear dampner technology have been able to mitigate the EMP involved? Would an EMP of such strength and magnitude as to affect worlds as far away as 7 parsecs, have been stopped by the oceans of Darrian such that their underwater domed cities would survive?

Yes, this may be a "plot device mcguffin" rather than hard science, but I kind of wondered if anyone would know enough to anwer that.
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